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“Robin Creasman was our opening speaker and was amazing. His  Rock Star message, style and presentation was perfect for our event.” Jennifer Beacon, HR Director

The Rock Star Principles for Success
Increase Your Impact & Influence in Leadership, Service, & Sales

QUESTION:  Do you stand out in your performance when it comes to leadership, service,  & sales? Or do you blend in like everyone else?

PROBLEM:  In today’s world, mediocrity could easily be called the new version of excellence because in truth, customer service is bad, leadership is uninspired, and employee attitudes are poor. The problem is most of us live in the world of average… we all look the same, act the same, and talk the same. But rock stars, of any industry, live in the world of awesome. Isn’t it time for you and your team to move from average to awesome and rock your performance  in all you do? 

SOLUTION: Book Robin to share his Rock Star Principles for Success presentation with your organization. He’ll show you how to get more businessmake lasting impressionsand be more successful.


My reference to being a rock star is based on my years of working with a number of industry leaders in music, television, professional speakers, athletes, authors, and C-Level executives. I have seen first hand what works and what doesn’t in getting to the top of the charts, and have learned what separates those who are rock stars in their field and those who are wannabes. The difference is 90% of us are not willing to do the work it takes to be a gold-medal Olympian, a best-selling author, Grammy award-winning artist, or a Hall of Fame Speaker. Gaining this insight has been important in developing my personal motto, business brand, and base message for speaking, coaching, and consulting which prompted me to develop what I call The Rock Star Principles for Success. It’s built on the acronym R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R., which defines the qualities & characteristics of someone I would call a real-world rock star.

Rock Star Leader is… 

            Ready, rehearsed, & rocks-the-house
            Over-delivers & is focused on the one thing
            Confident & communicates wow
            Knows their market, customer, & team
            Strategic in all things & shines on stage
            Talented & takes action
            Authentic & leads with a positive attitude
            Reaches out & builds relationships

 Recap of best practices for Small Business at AutoStar Innovate 2014

So, what are the benefits of being a real-world Rock Star?

Well… you certainly don’t blend in. You stand out from everyone around you because most people are not living these principles. We may know about them, but we don’t live them. So when you apply these ideas to your everyday life, people want to work with you, follow you, be on your team, and learn from you. They like the way you think. They like the way you live because you have purpose, passion, and confidence. You’re positive and communicate well. But it takes hard work to be a real-world rock star.

If you dream of being a great guitar player, but don’t spend time practicing your instrument, then you’re never going to be a rock star guitarist… you’re just a wanna-be dreamer. It takes work, dedication, and commitment to be great at what you do.

The cool thing is… you are in control of the decision. You determine whether or not you’re willing to put in the work to be great. You determine whether or not you’re confident, positive, or likeable. You determine whether or not you’re giving your best at all times or if you’re willing to go the extra mile for your clients, customers, and friends. You determine whether or not you’re going to be cocky and arrogant or be nice to those around you. You determine your attitude for the day… happy, mad, glad, or sadyour choiceYou determine whether or not you are knowledgeable about your product, service, and customer, or if you’re going to shine when you’re on-stage.

It’s all up to you. You are in control of these decisions! 

But the bad thing is, most of us aren’t willing to do what’s necessary to move from average to awesome. We won’t go the extra mile to implement these decisions, because it’s easier to just be average… to be mediocre.

But… if you do choose wisely to make the change and become a real-world rock star, you’ll find a Backstage Pass to Success!

Everyone wins ~ your customer, your boss, your team, your family, and your friends, because everyone around you will know you’re giving your best in all you do. The results are… You’ll get more business, make lasting impressions, & be more successful. Now that rocks!


eTalks Radio Host, Mike Brenhaug, interviews Robin Creasman,
The Rock Star Speaker & Performance Coach about
The Rock Star Principles for Success.

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2013 Iowa State HR Conference

“Robin, Please know you were a hit with everyone we talked to…..thanks so much!  I especially am grateful that you helped us fill in for our absent speaker (in addition to your keynote).  It was wonderful, powerful info…and a great delivery.  You’re a fun person, and I’m pleased to have met you!”   —   Shirley Hoveland, SPHR, CCP, GRP, FLMI
Director – Employment Services, Farm Bureau Financial Services


 WHY BOOK ROBIN TO SPEAK TO YOUR GROUP? Robin offers a fresh, insightful, and real-world perspective from the world entertainment on how to increase your impact and influence through rock star leadership, service, and sales. Perfect for small business, hospitality, banking, healthcare, food service, network marketing, automotive, HR, teachers, pharmaceutical, sales, retail, and associations.

Companies like:
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Congratulations On A Job Well Done!
Robin in SingaporeThank you for an inspiring presentation.  When I told the company I’m bring over a rocker speaker, there were some raised eyebrows and uncertainty.  But you proved that we can bring learning from the Rock n Roll world, deliver the message in a fun way, and still connect effectively with a largely technical audience.  The response from the audience was fantastic and we believe you have made a very positive contribution to our conference.  Thank you for the effort you put into making your presentation relevant to our audience and their unique challenge. That was the key.  I personally heard some of your message used by different people the very next day!  
Congratulations on a job well done.  I would recommend you to any company that wants their employees to build a Rock Star mentality. Jeanne Lim, Director of Marketing, Tandberg – Asia Pacific (Shanghai, China)