STAND OUT LIKE A ROCK STAR in your Performance & Communication!

Having Great Communication Skills & Being Likable are Two Very Important Assets for Achieving Success in Sales & Life! 

The Results? You'll Stand Out from Everyone Around You, Wow Your Customer & Communicate a Positive Experience for all. 

Robin Creasman


As a speaker, trainer, & coach, I work with Realtors, Lenders, Salespeople, Customer Service Teams, Entrepreneurs, & Small Business Owners teaching them how to wow their customers in sales & service. It's about how you perform, communicate & connect with others that will position you to stand out, make a positive impression, and turn an average customer into a raving fan.

Rock Your Customer! A Backstage Pass on How to Wow, Woo, & Win Customers by Delivering a Rock Star Experience in Sales & Service.

The Likable Realtor! 6 Communication Skills You Need to Use to Win More Listings, Close More Sales, & Get More Referrals.

I also teach a workshop on how to master social video using your smartphone. 

Social Video for Realtors Made Easy... A Step-by-Step Guide to the What, Why, & How to Master Facebook Using Your Smartphone to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Influence.

"Rock Your Customer" Speaker Reel

Thank You!


"Somehow, the words ‘thank you’ just don’t seem like they’re enough.  I have never received as many compliments and enthusiastic appreciative comments as I did from my peers for bringing the rock star panel to the NSA Rocks main stage.  

The session was masterful; many believe one of the best ever at an NSA convention.  And you were the reason it rocked.

My favorite moment of the entire weekend was when Kevin walked out singing Take It On the Run. 

NSA has never had a moment like that, and it will never be equaled. Like that would have ever happened without you and your subtle suggestion in the green room.  I watched a real pro at work, and I am deeply indebted to you, buddy.

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart, Robin.

Your lifelong friend and fan."

ERIC CHESTER // NSA Rocks! Convention Chair, Bestselling Author, CPAE, NSA SPEAKER HALL OF FAME

ENTERTAINING OPENING KEYNOTE:  Real Estate, Sales, HR, Hospitality, Leaders, & Entrepreneurs

ROCK YOUR CUSTOMER! A Backstage Pass on How to Wow, Woo, & Win Customers by Delivering a Rock Star Customer Experience in Sales & Service.

Do you stand out in your performance when it comes to customer experience and sales? Or do you blend in like everyone else? Most of us live in the world of average… we all look the same, act the same, and talk the same. But rock stars of ANY industry live in the world of awesome. Isn’t it time for you to stand out, get noticed, and deliver WOW moments to your customers and prospects? YES! It's in how your Perform, Communicate, & Connect that will differentiate you from your competition and position you to win prospects and turn them into loyal customers!

Rock Your Customer is an entertaining, insightful, and power packed presentation where Robin pulls back the curtain and reveals success lessons from his world of music and television that serves as a roadmap for salespeople, Realtors, professionals, and client facing teams on how to Wow, Woo, & Win Customers by going the extra mile to Rock Your Performance and delivering a rock star experience at every touch point.

The Results? You'll Learn... ​​New and unique ways to engage customers. How to impress with an All ABOUT THEM centered communication style. And how to incorporate special moments of impact that will have clients saying, "WOW! I want to work with you!"

Everyone wins! Customers will turn into raving fans, salespeople & customer service teams will be empowered with a new perspective on how to please clients, and positive & lasting impressions will be made on everyone served.  

WORKSHOP or KEYNOTE:  Real Estate, Sales, HR, Hospitality, & Entrepreneurs

The LIKABLE REALTOR... 6 Communication Skills You Need to Use to Win More Listings, Close More Sales, & Get More Referrals.

(Optional Title: The LIKABLE SALESPERSON... 6 Communication Skills to Turn Prospects into Customer, Close More Sales, & Make More Money.)

We've all heard the phrase, "people buy from those they know, like, & trust, " so why do we often miss the importance of being likable in our communication skills? We spend time learning the latest sales techniques. We study to be an expert in our field. And we spend time perfecting our marketing efforts, yet spend little time learning the one skill that can make or break a deal. Having a likable communication style is vital to winning listings, impressing customers, and building relationships.

The good news is... Likability is something we can learn and will bring us a lifetime of happiness and success if we do it right.

In The Likable Realtor , Robin will show you six ways to up-your-game in how you communicate and connect with people so you can succeed in wowing your prospect with impressive communication skills. 

The Results? Your prospects will leave your conversation thinking, "Wow, I really like her/him!"

In the end, you'll win more listings, close more sales, and get more referrals. Now that rocks!

WORKSHOP or BREAKOUT: Real Estate, Sales, HR, Hospitality, & Entrepreneurs

SOCIAL VIDEO for Realtors MADE EASY! A Step-by-Step Guide to the What, Why, & How to Master Facebook Using Your Smartphone to Build Your Brand & Grow Your Influence. 

Do you want to stand out online and be considered an expert in your field? Sure you do! So, what’s holding you back from introducing yourself, your business, your ideas, and your expertise to your community on video via social media? Fear of failing? Not liking how you look or sound? Not knowing what to say or how to say it? Not knowing the technical stuff you need to shoot, edit, upload your video, or not knowing what equipment you need to use? Plus, you don't want to look like a amateur doing it? If you said YES, Robin can help!

What if it was a LOT easier to do than you thought? Good news, it is! 

In Social Video Made EasyRobin will show you exactly what to say & how to say it. Exactly what equipment you need and how to use it so you can look like a pro. You'll learn exactly how to shoot, edit & upload your videos to Facebook & other social networks. And, he'll explain it in a way that is not overwhelming, but exciting and easy to do! Plus, he'll help you shift your mindset from fear to fun, so you can showcase your authentic self on-camera reaching your perfect audience to grow your business.  

The Results? You’ll be thought of as a go-to expert in your community, you'll win new customers, and you'll grow your influence!


Robin Creasman is an award-winning television producer, motivational keynote speaker, an in-demand communications coach, former touring musician and recording artist for USA Records, and an entertainment industry marketing expert known as The Rock Star Speaker & Performance Coach. He teaches success lessons from the world of music & television on how to wow, woo, & win customers by delivering a Rock Star Customer Experience at every touchpoint. It doesn't matter if you're speaking on stage, on a sales call with a client, or interacting one on one. It's about how you perform, communicate & connect with others that will position you to stand out, make a positive impression, and turn an average customer into a raving fan. He's also the author of the audiobook, Be A Rock Star: 12 Ways To Stand Out in Leadership, Customer Service, & Sales.

Robin has produced over 300 hours of broadcast television and has worked with celebrities and rock stars including Vince Gill, Trisha Yearwood, Mark Knopfler, NASCAR's Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, & Kyle Petty, Country Stars' Pam Tillis, Travis Tritt, Brooks & Dunn, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Kathy Mattea & Joe Diffie, football's Terry Bradshaw, Graham Nash from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and Paul McCartney among others.

As a motivational keynote speaker Robin has shared the stage with best-selling authors, politicians, celebrities, and music rock stars including: former Presidential candidate Steve Forbes, author & thought leader Marshall Goldsmith, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple, CEO of RockStar Fantasy Camp David Fishof, Kevin Cronin from REO Speedwagon, and Simon Kirke from Bad Company to name a few. 

Early in his career Robin was a recording artist for USA Records (3 albums) and was a founding member of the pop-rock band Backstreet which shared the stage with Starship, Restless Heart, The Pointer Sisters, Firefall, Pure Prairie League, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Extreme, Slaughter, and Huey Lewis to name a few. They were also the runner-up for the $100,000 grand prize on Ed McMahon's TV talent show... Star Search. And today, as a side project, Robin is the founder & host of an online membership hobby site for acoustic guitar performers who love the artists and songs of the 70s, 80s & 90s.



What Others Say


Robin, Please know you were a hit with everyone we talked to…..thanks so much!  I especially am grateful that you helped us fill in for our absent speaker (in addition to your keynote).  It was wonderful, powerful info…and a great delivery.  You’re a fun person, and I highly recommend you!

Shirley Hoveland, SPHR, CCP, GRP, FLMI

Director: Iowa State HR Conference


Thank you for an inspiring presentation.  When I told the company I’m bring over a rocker speaker, there were some raised eyebrows and uncertainty.  But you proved that we can bring learning from the Rock n Roll world, deliver the message in a fun way, and still connect effectively with a largely technical audience.  The response from the audience was so great and we believe you have made a very positive contribution to our conference.  

Thank you for the effort you put into making your presentation relevant to our audience and their unique challenge. That was the key.  I personally heard some of your message used by different people the very next day!  Congratulations on a job well done.  I would recommend you to any company that wants their employees to build a Rock Star mentality.

Jeanne Lim
Director of Marketing, Tandberg – Asia Pacific.


Congrats on one hell of a kick ass session in New York.  So many fantastic moments at NSA – but yours had to be the most magical.  Every bit, every lick, every second mattered.  Huge entertainment – huge star power – huge gems for everyone listening.

Plus, it was such a pleasure to have some time with you Robin.  You are an original, filled with warmth and talent to share with all.  Thanks for putting the Rock in Rock & Roll!    

Nice Bike...

Mark Scharenbroich 
Keynote Speaker, Making Connections That Move People

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