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I teach professional speakers how to craft a knocked-out rock-the-house performance that entertains, inspires, and moves pe​​​​ople to action.  


10 Biggest Mistakes Speakers Make In Their Keynote

Performance Coaching For Speakers, Leaders, & Presenters

Your Performance Matters!

It used to be that being a "public speaker" meant you were one of the few people in the world who were not afraid of standing up in front of people giving a presentation. It meant you were special and required a certain set of communication and presentation skills.

But now Facebook Live, Ted Talks, Webinars, Podcasts, Twitter, and every other social media platform has anyone with a microphone & a camera talking as if they are experts. Everyday people telling you this, selling you that, do it this way, do it that way... so much so, it becomes noise! This has audience members short on attention span, easily distracted, and quick to tune out.

So how can a professional speaker stand out from all this noise?  

Be Better Than Great, Have An Irresistible Message, Craft Your Presentation As A Performance and ROCK Center Stage!

When was the last time you did a makeover or at least a refresh on your speech, your website, or your video?  

1 Year?  2 Years?   3 YEARS?!   Seriously?

Isn't it time to ReFresh, ReFocus, and ReCraft your platform with a transformational makeover that rocks?

I help speakers & presenters stand out like rock stars onstage and online so they can book more gigs, wow their audience, and grow their influence. 

Can I help you?

“If you could take $10,000 and turn it into $10​​​​0,000 in under two months, would you find the $10K? Want to know how? Invest in Robin Creasman's expertise and enjoy the return!”

Vince Poscente CSP, CPAE (NSA Speaker Hall of Fame)

What Others Say

the day I spent with you has been the best investment I’ve made in my business.

Robin, I want to thank you for the coaching day we spent together in re-crafting my presentation. I’ve been in the speaking business for almost ten years and felt I needed help in taking my content to the ‘next level.’ I can say without reservation that the day I spent with you has been the best investment I’ve made in my business. You helped me to look at my content in a whole new way, and succeeded in moving me out of my comfort zone. After our day together, I was excited and confident that this new approach was solid. Well, now after delivering the speech several times, I’m more excited than ever. The audience response has been fabulous, and I know I’m having a greater impact on the participants. Thanks so much for your insights, Robin – and also for making the coaching fun.

DENNIS SNOW  //  Consultant to & former Walt Disney World Executive, Author: Lessons from the Mouse

The investment I made paid itself back five-fold in a matter of weeks.

You thought you were good? Wait until Robin Creasman gets his hands on you. Robin’s ability to package your speech or video and send you out into the world as the best speaker you can be is truly remarkable. His outstanding work ethic, talent, professional experience as a television and music producer and knowledge of the speaking industry is a combination that simply can’t be beat. The investment I made paid itself back five-fold in a matter of weeks. To boot, Robin is one of the nicest and most generous souls you will ever meet… one of my closest pals. What more could anyone ask for.

VICTORIA LABALME  //  Theatrical Keynotes CSP, CPAE - NSA Speaker Hall of Fame



Robin, Please know you were a hit with everyone we talked to…..thanks so much!  I especially am grateful that you helped us fill in for our abse​​​​nt speaker (in addition to your keynote).  It was wonderful, powerful info…and a great delivery.  You’re a fun person, and I’m pleased to have met you!

Shirley Hoveland, SPHR, CCP, GRP, FLMI

Director: Iowa State HR Conference


Meet Robin Creasman, a multi-talented asset who is the industry leading speaker coach and video producer for professional speakers.  Using Robin as a resource will have only one effect, and that’s taking you to the top level in your career.  Just working with Robin Creasman makes people think you are a player in the speaking industry.

Lt. Col. Kevin Sweeney
Keynote Speaker,

Author: Pressure Cooker Confidence.


Robin, I’ve got to tell you – I just watched the video again, and I could not possibly be happier.  LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!  You and Nathan did a masterful job. The key to a great video, I think, is pulling the right on-stage material.  That’s why I’ve always done it myself — I didn’t think anyone else could pick the right stuff.  You and Nathan did SO much better than I would have done.  I’m just goofy happy with it.

Joe Calloway
Keynote Speaker, 

Best Selling Author: Category of One

Some of My RockStar Clients

Keynote Speakers, Authors, & Experts who I have served as either their video producer, marketing coach, speech writer, and/or performance coach. 


Celebrities, Athletes, Rock, and Country Stars who I've produced, directed and featured in some of my broadcast television productions of specials, documentaries, or series.



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10 Biggest Mistakes Speakers Make In Their Keynote

Performance Coaching For Speakers, Leaders, & Presenters