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How You Communicate Matters!

In order to stand out, wow your customer, and close more sales it's imperative to be a confident, likable, and persuasive communicator​​/presenter.

Robin Creasman helps salespeople, customer service teams, and presenters learn new and unique ways to engage customers, how to impress with an All ABOUT THEM centered communication style, and how to incorporate special moments of impact that will have their clients saying, "WOW... Let's do this!"


Robin's presentations are filled with real-world strategies, business insights, and entertaining stories from the world of music & entertainment on how to stand out, be likable and be a persuasive communicator so they can win more business, grow their customer base, and be more successful. He shares with his audience the value of delivering a rock star experience at every touch point.

Attendees will leave inspired, informed, and entertained through his positive programs. His presentations are delivered in a fun and enjoyable way that offer tangible and immediate takeaways that move people to action.

Thank You!


"Somehow, the words ‘thank you’ just don’t seem like they’re enough.  I have never received as many compliments and enthusiastic appreciative comments as I did from my peers for bringing the rock star panel to the NSA Rocks main stage.  

The session was masterful; many believe one of the best ever at an NSA convention.  And you were the reason it rocked.

My favorite moment of the entire weekend was when Kevin walked out singing Take It On the Run. 

NSA has never had a moment like that, and it will never be equaled. Like that would have ever happened without you and your subtle suggestion in the green room.  I watched a real pro at work, and I am deeply indebted to you, buddy.

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart, Robin.

Your lifelong friend and fan."

ERIC CHESTER // NSA Rocks! Convention Chair, Bestselling Author, CPAE, NSA SPEAKER HALL OF FAME

Robin Creasman is an award-winning television producer, motivating keynote speaker, an in-demand presentation skills  coach, former touring musician and recording artist for USA Records, and an entertainment industry marketing expert known as The Rock Star Speaker & Performance Coach.

He teaches success strategies from the world of music & entertainment on how to deliver a rock star customer experience to grow your business and how to stand out on stage by delivering sales and service presentations that rock.

It doesn't matter if your "stage" is working one-on-one with a customer, leading a team meeting, or making sales presentations, Robin will show you how you can stand out in your communication skills, wow your customer, and close more sales.

He's also the author of the audiobook, Be A Rock Star12 Ways To Stand Out in Leadership, Customer Service, & Sales.

What Others Say


Robin, Please know you were a hit with everyone we talked to…..thanks so much!  I especially am grateful that you helped us fill in for our absent speaker (in addition to your keynote).  It was wonderful, powerful info…and a great delivery.  You’re a fun person, and I highly recommend you!

Shirley Hoveland, SPHR, CCP, GRP, FLMI

Director: Iowa State HR Conference


Thank you for an inspiring presentation.  When I told the company I’m bring over a rocker speaker, there were some raised eyebrows and uncertainty.  But you proved that we can bring learning from the Rock n Roll world, deliver the message in a fun way, and still connect effectively with a largely technical audience.  The response from the audience was so great and we believe you have made a very positive contribution to our conference.  

Thank you for the effort you put into making your presentation relevant to our audience and their unique challenge. That was the key.  I personally heard some of your message used by different people the very next day!  Congratulations on a job well done.  I would recommend you to any company that wants their employees to build a Rock Star mentality.

Jeanne Lim
Director of Marketing, Tandberg – Asia Pacific.


Congrats on one hell of a kick ass session in New York.  So many fantastic moments at NSA – but yours had to be the most magical.  Every bit, every lick, every second mattered.  Huge entertainment – huge star power – huge gems for everyone listening.

Plus, it was such a pleasure to have some time with you Robin.  You are an original, filled with warmth and talent to share with all.  Thanks for putting the Rock in Rock & Roll!    

Nice Bike...

Mark Scharenbroich 
Keynote Speaker, Making Connections That Move People


I was one of the lucky ladies who attended last night’s APSS conference in Singapore. I just wanted you to know I was so inspired by your rock star magic. You really walked your talk.  You made me dance at the end – I could not keep static with the music vibe going in the air.  I loved your your overflowing charisma, your entertaining / natural / fun way of talking and interacting with us, and the great use of various mediums and the perfect balance between each. Your talk was the reason I came back earlier from vacation in London. Boy – it was so worthwhile!!!  Thank you!


Maria Kassova  - MK Motivation, London, UK


This program was awesome. Real, practical & insightful tips I can use TODAY. My clients are going to love me as a Rock Star!”

Bill Hampton – St. Louis, MO


Your program was very informative, practical, and real world! I’m excited to get back and put your ideas into practice. I’m giving you a #1… with a bullet!"

Victoria Reason - Nashville, TN


Robin, you did a great job once again moderating our little group. The whole experience exceeded my expectations…and it was fun man."

Kevin Cronin - REO Speedwagon


Robin, thanks for your great presentation to IL Chapter on Friday. It was inspiring and completely depressing all at the same time; inspiring because I can see all the possibilities and I want to get there, depressing because there’s a long way to go.

Thanks again for your energy and wisdom.

Wayne Turmel - Host/Producer The Cranky Middle Manager Show

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