Do you stand out in your customer service & sales
or do you blend in like everyone else?

In today’s world, mediocrity should be called the new excellence because most companies deliver bad customer service and salespeople ramble on about themselves, their features and rarely consider how they can actually help the customer. 

The problem is most of us have settled into mediocrity and find ourselves living in the world of average. You know what I’m talking about… we all look the same, act the same, and talk the same. But rock stars of any industry stand out from the crowd and live in the world of wow! Isn’t it time for you and your team to move from average to being a Rock Star in your world? You bet it is!

SOLUTION? Book me to share my keynote presentation, Rock Your Wow! A Backstage Pass To Deliving Rock Star Customer Service & Sales, to your organization.  I’ll show you how to get more business, make more moneyand be more successful.

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“Robin Creasman was our opening speaker and was amazing. His rock star message, style, and presentation was perfect for our event.” Jennifer Beacon, HR Director


 WHY SHOULD YOU BOOK ME TO SPEAK TO YOUR GROUP? As one meeting planner said, “Robin offers a fresh, insightful, and real-world perspective from his world entertainment on how to stand out with exceptional customer service and sales by using his Rock Your Wow message with everyone you come in contact with. I’d say his presesntation is perfect for any business who interacts with customers and wants to succeed! Oh…, that’s like every business!~” Deborah Ann Jacobs, HR Dir., Blackstone Credit Union


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Congratulations On A Job Well Done!

Robin in SingaporeThank you for an inspiring presentation.  When I told the company I’m bring over a rocker speaker, there were some raised eyebrows and uncertainty.  But you proved that we can bring learning from the Rock n Roll world, deliver the message in a fun way, and still connect effectively with a largely technical audience.  The response from the audience was fantastic and we believe you have made a very positive contribution to our conference. 

Thank you for the effort you put into making your presentation relevant to our audience and their unique challenge. That was the key.  I personally heard some of your message used by different people the very next day!  

Congratulations on a job well done.  I would recommend you to any company that wants their employees to build a Rock Star mentality. Jeanne Lim, Director of Marketing, Tandberg – Asia Pacific (Shanghai, China)