Robin’s presentations are filled with real-world strategies, business insightsand entertaining stories from the world of music & entertainment on how to stand out from the competition in your leadership, customer service and sales. He teaches audiences how to connect with everyone they meet, wow their customers by delivering exceptional rock star service, and lead at a rock star level!

Your attendees will leave inspired, informed, and entertained through his positive programs. They are the perfect solution to combat tired, boring meetings we are used to attending. He does his best to offer cool programs delivered with rock star style that are completely different than any other on the market.

“Delivering a knocked-out, rock-the-house performance (whether it’s a sales call, customer interaction or a presentation to 1 or 1000) can turn an average listener into a committed fan. When you have fans, your days of selling are over. You are now the chosen one who gets the gig. People talk about you in a positive way and tell others about you. All you need to do now is just walk them through the process to buy. Now that rocks! ”  Robin Creasman



Rock Your Wow!
A Backstage Pass To Delivering A Rock Star Customer Experience

Do you stand out in your performance when it comes to leadership, service, and sales? Or do you blend in like everyone else? Most of us live in the world of average… we all look the same, act the same, and talk the same. But rock stars of ANY industry live in the world of awesome. Isn’t it time for you to stand out and move from average to awesome? You’ll get more business, make lasting impressions, and be more successful.

In this entertaining, insightful, and power packed presentation Robin pulls back the curtain and reveals business success strategies from the world of music and entertainment that serve as a roadmap for top-of-the-charts success in leadership, customer service, and sales performance.



Rock Star Principles UNPLUGGED!
Real-World “HOW-TOs” for Rock Star Service & Performance

This is the perfect follow-up to Robin’s Rock Star Principles keynote presentation. This Breakout Session is an all-out interactive discussion on how to implement the rock star principles in a real-world environment.  Robin presents many real-world examples, case studies, and reenactments on how to stand out like a rock star in your world. And much time is given for Q & A in order to address everyone’s own situation — thereby the title Rock Star Principles UNPLUGGED!



Present like a Rock Star
Presentation Skills that Sing, Sizzle, & Sell!

Everyday millions of people are exposed to really bad, poorly designed, and extremely boring presentations that fail at their intended purpose — to convince, persuade, and/or inform others to take action, buy a product, change a way of thinking, or be convinced of something new. So why is it that many sales professionals, top executives, and team leaders are really bad at doing something  essential to having success in business? Probably because they’ve never been trained on how to craft & perform their message when they communicate to others. What? You don’t think that when giving a presentation, whether to 2 or 2000, you don’t need to “perform” when you present. If you do, then you’d be wrong!

But the good news is, ANYONE can learn how to Present Like A Rock Star and turn reluctant listeners into committed fans if you apply Robin’s Rock Star Presentation Skills to your next presentation.

He has a simple, but proven process on how to turn an average presenter into a rock star speaker using success lessons from his world of music and entertainment. And it doesn’t matter if your “stage” is a boardroom, phone call, or live presentation, he can show you how to rock-the-house in your next presentation with an entertaining, persuasive, and powerful performance that will inspire your audience to take action!


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